Gallagher - Product Innovators for Modern Farming

Gallagher Energiser
Covestro is a long time supplier to market leading farm solution supplier Gallagher New Zealand

Gallagher is an iconic New Zealand company who changed the way the world fenced their farms with the invention of electric fences in the 1930's.  For over 25 years Covestro has been a preferred supplier of materials and manufacturing solutions and is proud to have played a role in this globally successful Kiwi company.

Like Covestro, innovation is at the heart of Gallagher's product development. Their ability to harness technology and develop strong relationships with suppliers and customers has ensured they are a sustainable global success.

In 2010 Gallagher's TSi livestock weigh system received two silver awards at the Plastic Industry Biennial Design awards - a product that uses Covestro's Makroblend® polycarbonate.