Kingspan Australia uses Covestro raw materials to create a unique and stunning facade for Australian museum

Kingspan Australia – Australian National Maritime Museum

Kingspan National Maritime Museum Covestro
The Australian National Maritime Museum

As an integral part of the museum collection, the Australian National Maritime Museum provides the public a destination that invigorates the waterfront, improves the visitor experience and provides access to HMAS Vampire, HMAS Onslow and HMAS Advance. It also provides a place where the past, present and future stories of the men, women and ships of the Royal Australian Navy can be experienced and celebrated.

The form of the museum was inspired by the techniques and geometrical rigor of boat building while conceptually it references the wake of the boat as it passes through water. The external and internal geometry was generated as one and the same. Kingspan’s Benchmark Evolution panels provided a distinct finish for both the internal and external surface.

Each Kingspan Benchmark panel was locally manufactured and built to specification, facilitating fast installation, lower costs and less waste.

Using Covestro raw materials for the manufacture of the PIR panels, the panels’ inbuilt insulation also enabled efficient installation, high thermal performance, lifetime insulation continuity and an airtight finish.

Covestro is proud to support its clients on key Australian projects and just another way we make the world a brighter place.

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Supplier: Kingspan Insulated Panels Australia
Industry: Construction
Application: PIR Panels
Product: Desmodur® 44 V 70 L