Makrolon for Armour & Architecture

Revolutionary Injection Molded Makrolon for Armour and Architecture
KayneMaile -Bowling Alley

Innovative Kiwi company Kaynemaile Ltd has developed a highly successful architectural mesh using Covestro’s Makrolon®. Originally inspired by the light weight costume armour on the set of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (LOTR), this incredible new product has been developed to suit a range of commercial architectural applications.

Using Covestro’s Makrolon®, Kaynemaile offers a range of architectural interior solutions (Spacemaile™) and exterior solutions (Building-Amour™). SpaceMaile™ has been a key component in a range of high profile interiors throughout the globe including: the showroom at Samsung’s Korean headquarters, Nokia’s offices in London, office fit-outs in Dubai and the Bayer New Zealand head office.

Kaynemaile's exterior mesh product Building-Armour has been used in a range of commercial architectural projects around the world including: airports, universities and commercial building facades.

The revolutionary seamless mesh is manufactured from Covestro’s Makrolon®. It is lightweight strong , UV resistant and durable. It features all the essential properties for high wind, full weather and high-wear environments such as: schools, airports, bars and other public spaces.

Visit Kaynemaile to learn more about their revolutionary architectural mesh products.

KayneMaile made from Bayer Makrolon

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Covestro offers a broad range of raw materials that are used for the manufacture of construction industry products. The Covestro Product Center - Plastics provides more details on the vast array of applications for Makrolon®.