Makrolon® for Everbright Roofing Systems

Covestro's Makrolon® polycarbonate for advanced construction materials

Everbright Roofing Systems have enabled a range of high profile innovative projects around Australia with their revolutionary roofing and wall system that use Covestro’s Markrolon® polycarbonate resin. 

Three standout design and construction projects for 2014 include the Royal Australian Navy base on Sydney Harbour, the Museum of Modern Democracy at Eureka and most impressive is the new Brooke Street Pier in Hobart, Tasmania.

Brooke Street Floating Pier Tasmania Covestro
Brooke Street Floating Pier, Tasmania

4,000 tonnes of concrete and polycarbonate resin were floated down the Hobart  River in the form of a three story floating pier constructed using Everbright’s innovative E610, large spanning, triple skin translucent polycarbonate roof and wall system.

“We chose Makrolon® because of its strength, durability and high performance, in extreme weather conditions,” said Steve Trower, Managing Director of Everbright.   

“Makrolon® allowed us to create a structurally stable roofing and wall systems with wider spans, while at the same time offering more design scope for architects”. 

Covestro’s Managing Director, Rebecca Lee is delighted to work with such an innovative and successful Australian company. “Everbright have developed and sustained a growing niche in the market.  Their polycarbonate roofing  and wall system is a great example of the versatility and strength offered by Makrolon®”, explained Ms Lee.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka Everbright Covestro
Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Ballarat

The Everbright E610  roof and wall system, was used in the construction of the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E). Eureka Stockade is said to be the birthplace of modern democracy in Australia and demanded a unique design that would that would provide a signature aesthetic for the building for years to come.

As well as a cutting edge visual design the M.A.D.E facility needed to maximize natural light, have superior thermal and acoustic performance qualities and be extremely long lasting. Everbright was able meet all of these requirements and more with their revolutionary roof and wall system made with Markrolon® polycarbonate resin.

A large translucent tapering façade incorporating  multiple Everbright walls, inserted with nanogel thermal gel with locking system LS2.1 were used  to create the impressive facility in Ballarat.

Everbright Roofing and Wall Systems, Makrolon Polycarbonate, Navy Base, Sydney Australia
Royal Australian Navy Base

Everbright Roofing Systems manufactured a 435m2 roofing system to create an extra wide canopy to protect a key part of the Navy base on Sydney harbour.

The Navy base is the home of the HMAS Penguin part of the Navy’s System Command with it’s primary role to provide trained personal, house the RAN diving school, Hydrographic school and Medical training school. Using Markrolon® raw materials, Everbright manufactured a translucent and roofing system a special locking system to ensure the roof was both structurally strong and fast to install.

To find out more about Everbright Roofing Systems visit their website.

Covestro offers a broad range of raw materials that are used for the manufacture of construction industry products. The Covestro Product Center - Plastics provides more details on the vast array of applications for Makrolon®.