World First for Dairy Industry

MaterialScience Customer Dairyflo, finalists in the NZ Innovators Awards
DairyFlo & Covestro Develop a World First for the Dairy Industry
Revolutionary DairyFlo Soft Plastic Millking Liner

The World’s first soft plastic milking liner was developed as a result of a 10 year collaboration between Covestro and Polymer Systems International.  The DairyFlo plastic liner is made using a specialised thermoplastic developed by Covestro. The properties of the thermoplastic make it the perfect solution to the bacterial problems that occur with rubber liners in dairy sheds.  Unlike the traditional rubber liners that are used in the NZ dairy industry (and in other places throughout the world), the DairyFlo soft plastic liners are impervious to milk fat and chemical cleaning agents. This innovative new liner will help dairy farmers world wide combat bacterial contamination of milk.

The existing rubber liners swell and degrade as a result of contact with milk fat and chemical cleaning solutions. Over time the rubber breaks down and cracks, creating cavities in which bacteria can hide. Even with regular cleaning these bacteria can be impossible to dislodge.

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