World leading marine coatings systems.

Uroxsys marine coating system Covestro
Covestro - the preferred supplier of market leading coatings manufacturer Uroxsys.
Yacht protected with innovative marine coating developed by Uroxsys using aliphatic polyurethane Desmodur by Bayer MaterialScience

Raw Materials for Marine Coatings.

Innovative New Zealand coating manufacturer Uroxsys developed a marine coating system using Covestro’s aliphatic polyurethane coating raw materials that transformed the way the wooden components  of boats are protected and maintained.

Recreational mariners have battled cracking varnishes under the harsh NZ sun for decades to no avail.  Many sailors had abandoned the ‘natural look’ in favour of painted surfaces or fibre glass. Until recently the marine industry has had little choice but to undertake annual, labour intensive maintenance to keep boats performing and looking great.  New Zealand based coatings manufacturer, Uroxsys changed all that with the development of a coating system that offers the rich appearance of traditional varnish with the exceptional durability of flexible polyurethane. 

The Uroxsys marine coating system uses Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) raw materials and offers over 99% UV blocking properties, single pack convenience, fast application (it can be multi-coated daily) and can last for years with minimal annual maintenance.

Uroxsys prides itself in the research and development of highly innovative coatings systems for both marine and a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Covestro is proud to be Uroxsys’ preferred supplier of polyurethane raw materials.

Many of their coatings systems for the marine, flooring, furniture and UV markets use Covestro’s Desmophen®, Desmodur®, Bayhydur®  or Bayhydrol® polyurethane raw materials.

Like Covestro,  Uroxsys takes a proactive approach to enhancing the health and safety aspects of their products. They use raw materials that are less flammable and solvents that are less toxic to reduce the smell and toxicity in the workspace.

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