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International Women’s Day Forum

International Womens Forum Covestro
International Women's Day Forum and High Tea in Melbourne 8 March 2016

Covestro Australia's Managing Director, Rebecca Lee was a panel speaker at International Women's Day Forum and High Tea hosted by the 5 chambers of the International Chamber House in Melbourne on Tuesday 8th March in the Ballroom at the Park Hyatt. The topic of the forum, Diversity and Culture in Leadership: A Global Perspective.

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With over 350 guests attending on a very hot 40C Melbourne afternoon, the event was a great success and a credit to the 5 chambers who worked together so well to provide the audience with a diverse range of interesting and talented speakers. The other panelists included, Maureen Dougherty, President & CEO of Boeing Australia, Dr Alice De Jonge, Senior Lecturer in International Law, Corporate Accountability and Asian Business Law at Monash University, Dr Fiona Hill, Chair of Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry Victoria, and Beverley Honig, Chairman & CEO, Honeylight Enterprises, all eloquently led by master of ceremonies Rohini Kappadath, Director of Cross Border Business at Pitcher Partners.

"I was really honoured by the invitation from the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce" said Rebecca, who shared her insights into diversity with the audience from her career journey working with international companies as well as the recent transformation of Covestro, after separating from parent Bayer.

Rebecca talked about how Covestro sees diversity as a core element to creating a successful sustainable organization "Our Curiosity drives us to listen and understand, our Courage enables us to reply "why not" when others just ask "why?" and being Colorful means we find inspiration from diversity, we use every color in our palette to create solutions. It's from this foundation of our values; Curious Courageous and Colorful that we aspire to our vision To make the world a brighter place".