Covestro road testing automotive coatings with sustainable raw materials

Collaboration for Sustainability

Covestro Collaboration for Sustainability

One of the toughest solar car races in the world, Covestro will be testing its sustainable polyurethane coating technology under the Australian sun. Teaming up with long time coatings partner PPG to develop the sustainable top clear coat which contains the bio-based hardener Desmodur® eco N 7300 from Covestro.

Covestro is also a sponsor of Team Sonnenwagen, a group of university students from Aachen University in Germany who have developed the solar-powered electric vehicle which will take part in the grueling race.

You can see the coating application process here

To learn more about our collaboration see here

The race kicks off on October 8 from Darwin. Be sure to follow us on Social Media @CovestroGroup @sonnenwagen #BWSC17