With key Australian architectural firm DesignInc

Covestro presents the Pasquick™ concept

Covestro Pasquick Concept with DesignInc

Covestro Australia continues to build on Pasquick™ foundations and recently held a session with one of Australia’s key architectural firms involved in sustainable design, DesignInc. DesignInc’s wide ranging experience and expertise means that it is frequently invited to collaborate on brief development and masterplan visions. The company is very active in the business of designing, procuring and delivering high quality sustainable architecture and infrastructure. One of Design Inc’s recent projects – the Melbourne Market relocation project incorporated PIR panels manufactured by Kingspan Australia, which help to insulate the envelope of the building and address Design Inc’s sustainability theme.

Aligning with key architectural firms that share the same ideology helps to create long-term value for Covestro and enables close collaboration and innovation with our customers by creating demand for Pasquick™ technology. Peter Caley, Sales Manager of Covestro had the following to say about the presentation: “We had a great attendance at our presentation on Pasquick™ construction flooring with considerable interest shown in the fast return to service possible with Pasquick™. Essentially, we are educating the community about the latest innovations in floor coatings.”

The Pasquick™ concept demonstrated to DesignInc that polyaspartic coatings can be formulated with VOC free or low VOC raw materials from Covestro, hence aligning with their sustainability architecture and that curing time is up to eight times faster than conventional floor coating systems.

Covestro Australia’s Pasquick™ presentation road trip will continue to other architectural firms around Australia and is the key in our strategy to make the world a brighter place.