Pasquick®: Fewer coats, rapid curing, high productivity

Covestro Pasquick Era Polymers
Covestro Pasquick Era Polymers

With Covestro’s Pasquick® technology floor coaters can stay one layer ahead, when deadlines are tight. Pasquick® technology from Covestro makes coating floors of industrial and public buildings easier and less time-consuming than conventional processes, while delivering results that are just as long-lasting and high in quality.

Recently featured in Australian Flooring Magazine, Covestro continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our partner in Australia, Era Polymers is ready with their Eracoat 2K rapid coatings based on Pasquick® technology, get in contact with them directly at

Curious about Pasquick® technology? Have a glance at the Flooring Magazine (page 21). Contact us on 1300 661 820 or find out more on this technology at