Solar power takes Sonnenwagen from Darwin to Adelaide

We did it! In what is undoubtedly the toughest solar vehicle race in the world, Germany’s “Sonnenwagen” reached its goal: after five days and 3,022 kilometers, the vehicle engineered by students from Aachen crossed the finish line on Saturday in Adelaide, proud to be one of the best newcomers to the event.

The team celebrated their arrival at the finish line on Saturday as promised by jumping into the fountain on Victoria Square: “It’s so fantastic that we made it” Julia Cramer still cannot believe the “Sonnenwagen” team’s achievement at the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The CAS Refinish Marketing specialist reported on the race for Covestro, and cheered the team on from start to finish: “So many other participants got stuck along the way,” she says. “But ‘Sonnenwagen’ kept on going, right to the end – amazing!”

Solar power takes Sonnenwagen from Darwin to Adelaide

The 40 students from RWTH Aachen University succeeded in traveling over 3,000 kilometers across the desert from Darwin to Adelaide in a race car they designed themselves. Covestro also contributed to this achievement, because the “Sonnenwagen” is coated with an innovative automotive refinish clearcoat from PPG containing materials from Covestro: the biobased hardener Desmodur® eco N 7300 is comprised of 70 percent renewable raw materials, and therefore helps to reduce the carbon footprint by 30 percent, while achieving the same level of performance.

“I was impressed above all by the student’s team spirit and dedication,” says Sabine Kerssens. “They really gave their all.” The 21 year-old Covestro intern accompanied the team together with Julia Cramer, posting new videos, photos and updates online every day. “It’s really amazing how powerful solar vehicles are these days,” she says. “The World Solar Challenge showed the world what is already feasible today with current technologies.”

Campus Talks

Keen to know more about their journey and how Covestro supported the team? Covestro is hosting campus talks in Melbourne and Sydney next week.

Then please join us in Melbourne on 23rd October at Monash University Clayton or in Sydney on 25th October at University of New South Wales to hear more about the team, their achievement and how Covestro pushes the boundaries of possibility.

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