Covestro partnership for solar mobility

World Solar Challenge

Covestro Solar Challenge
The Sonnenwagen Solar Car

How can we make the mobility of the future as sustainable as possible? Bring together bright minds, an innovative materials supplier and a desire to push boundaries of what’s possible.

Covestro announced on Monday their support for the Sonnenwagen (German for “sun car”) project as both a material and technical service provider and Gold Sponsor. Team Sonnenwagen are an association of enthusiastic students, from RWTH Aachen University in Germany, who are developing a solar-powered electric car, to take part in one of the toughest solar car races in the world, the World Solar Challenge 2017 from October 8 to 15 in Australia.

Covestro is also using the chance to road test their recent innovation, a bio-based hardener for automotive coatings, collaborating with PPG to produce the three-layer polyurethane coating.

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World Solar Challenge