You can’t paint a bright future. Why not?

Rebecca Lee Covestro paint has a bright future
Rebecca Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Australia

Rebecca Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Australia continues to drive progress for the Australia Paint Industry, freshly re-appointed to the Council of the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation (APMF).

“The Paint Industry in Australia has had a very successful past, launching the Paintback product stewardship scheme in 2016, removing lead and looks forward to a bright future. I’m delighted to be re-elected onto the Council of the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation in Australia, as a passionate promoter of sustainability, I believe I bring fresh perspectives to shape our future.” said Rebecca.

The Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation is one of the oldest industry associations in Australia, providing leadership for the Australian surface coatings industry. The APMF represents paint and ink manufacturing companies, and associate members, who are the suppliers of materials and services into the industry. The APMF is a founding member of the International Paint and Printing Ink Council the Asian Paint Industry Council.

“Like many industries, the surface coatings industry has an aging workforce and it needs to attract a new generation of workers. In making this appointment, Council noted Rebecca’s commitment to sustainability; her highly proactive track record in promoting our industry; and her enthusiasm in encouraging female careers in the surface coatings industry”, said Richard Phillips, CEO APMF.

At Covestro our vision is as simple as it is bold: we want to make the world a brighter place. We fulfill this vision when we inspire innovation and drive growth through profitable technologies and products that benefit society and reduce our impact on the environment.