Covestro Australia Achievements Shine Through

The Covestro Australia team are thrilled to share the publication of four Australian-focussed articles in the recent Covestro CSR Magazine. Corporate social responsibility initiatives are an important part of what we do at Covestro Australia, and we’re pleased to be acknowledged for our efforts on a global level.

Here’s a quick summary of the articles that we’re featured in:

World Environment Day: As part of World Environment day Covestro Australia employees participated in a clean-up of Westgate Park in Melbourne. We joined forces with the local organisation “Friends of Westgate Park” and helped to clean the parkland where the Yarra River meets Port Philip Bay. The plastic waste collected, was then sorted and registered with the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database.

World Environment Day Covestro Australia

Team Sonnenwagen: Travelling 3000 kilometres through the Australian outback without a single drop of fuel takes hard work and dedication. In 2017 Covestro sponsored a team of forty students from Aachen University to compete in the Bridgestone Solar World Challenge – a solar car initiative that pits some of the brightest minds in solar car technology against the harsh Australian outback. A new team is now preparing for the 2019 challenge which will follow a similar course. We wish everyone involved the very best of luck.

Team Sonnenwagen Covestro Australia

Soft Landing: In 2017, Covestro Australia became a founding member of the Soft Landing Product Stewardship social enterprise. Soft Landing are aiming to establish a circular economy for mattresses by recycling mattress components. Up to 75% of mattresses can be recycled. The steel springs go into the construction of steel roofs, the timber is turned into mulch and the foam is incorporated into carpet underlays. Congratulations to everyone who is involved in this fantastic initiative.

Soft Landing Covestro Australia

Covestro Office Recycling: The Covestro Australia team have led the way with their Zero Waste Initiative in the Covestro head office in Melbourne. Our team worked together to reduce the amount of waste we were producing in-house. We purchased recycling bins from local providers to make sure that all of our left over batteries, plastics, office supplies and general consumables were able to be appropriately recycled. Our team of just nine people saved over six kilograms of plastics from going into landfill in just five months.

Recycling and Sustainability Covestro Australia

Want to read more? Head over to the CSR Magazine and read the full articles!