Covestro Safety Day and Beyond Blue Visit

Covestro Australia Beyond Blue

Recently Mental Health and Workplace Safety have been on the agenda at Covestro Australia, with the joint celebration for both Covestro Safety Day and a visit from a Beyond Blue ambassador.

Covestro Australia’s safety record has exceeded five years without a recordable safety incident. While the global Covestro Safety Day is celebrated in September, the Australian team decided to further honour the initiative by aligning it with a visit from mental health ambassador Helen Pearson from Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue is an Australian independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental disorders. During her visit, Helen discussed the importance of understanding the early signs of anxiety and depression. She also spoke about her personal life experiences.

Helen talked to the team about the importance of looking after each other and spoke about what to do if you or a colleague needs assistance. Her tips included:

  1. If you think someone is struggling, talk to them and ask if they are okay
  2. If you’re struggling, seek support from a health professional (a GP or reach out to Beyond Blue)
  3. Talk to family, friends or both
  4. Remember that getting the right support will help, but it might take time
  5. Making positive lifestyle changes can also help you recover.

We thank Helen and everyone who was involved in making the visit a memorable day for workplace safety and mental health initiatives.