DairyFlo’s Recyclable Plastics Are Transforming the Dairy Industry

DairyFlo’s Recyclable Plastics Are Transforming the Dairy Industry
Eddie Crawshaw - Business Development Director DairyFlo, Rebecca Lee - Managing Director Covestro Australia, Rebecca Lucore - Head CSR & Sustainability Covestro LLC

New Zealand based manufacturer Polymer Systems International (PSI) is transforming the dairy industry with the development and manufacture of their revolutionary DairyFlo products.

DairyFlo soft plastic milking liners and tubing are the result of a decade long collaboration between PSI and Covestro. They represent a passionate commitment to sustaining agricultural environments, which of course connects to Covestro’s larger agenda of People Planet and Profit.


DairyFlo products offer dairy farmers a cheaper, smarter and more sustainable alternative to traditional dairy liners and tubing. They are made from a soft polymer that is 100% recyclable and food grade approved. It doesn’t crack, perish or deteriorate and there are no cavities where bacteria can accumulate. It also improves the wellbeing of dairy cows.

Covestro Australia’s Managing Director, Rebecca Lee says that it’s exactly this sort of ingenuity that Covestro is passionate about supporting.

“Seeing Covestro materials being used in such an ingenious way is incredibly rewarding for our team, and we want to support initiatives like this well into the future. Being able to put our skills and knowledge to use in a way that directly improves the wellbeing of people, animals and the agricultural environment is fantastic, and we look forward to building an even stronger relationship with DairyFlo into the future” she said.

Rebecca caught up with Eddie Crawshaw (DairyFlo’s Business Development Director) late last year at the Society of Plastics Engineers Conference in Melbourne, where the two discussed the product benefits of DairyFlo and Covestro Australia’s intention to be part of future product development initiatives.