Operation Clean Sweep Nurdle Hunt a Huge Success

Operation Clean Sweep Nurdle Hunt Covestro

February 8th 2019 saw eight members of the Covestro Australia team taking part in the Operation Clean Sweep® Nurdle Hunt on Port Phillip Bay. The hunt, which ran from February 8th – February 10th, is a unique environmental initiative that has been especially designed to help map and reduce pollution from plastic resin pellets across the bay.

Plastic pellet contamination has a negative impact on people, the environment and the plastics industry at large. Plastic Pellets (also known as nurdles) are tiny beads of raw plastic that are used in the manufacture of plastic products. Nurdles currently find their way into Australia’s waterways are often eaten by wildlife as they look like fish eggs.

Covestro Australia’s Managing Director, Rebecca Lee was a guest speaker at the event, and the Covestro team participated in the event’s launch and nurdle hunt.

Covestro Australia is a long-term supporter of Operation Clean Sweep, and Rebecca and her team were thrilled to participate in the event.  

“Collaboration is the key to avoiding plastic leakage and Operation Clean Sweep provides the tools and support for manufacturers, transporters and processors to take action” said Rebecca.

In aiming to achieve zero pellet loss from all plastic resin handling operations, Operation Clean Sweep ® encourages good pellet containment practices and pollution prevention within the plastics industry at large.  As such, it was also wonderful to see key industry players like Lyondell Basel and Chemistry Australia also participating in the event.

Covestro takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. In recent years it has invested substantial resources into ensuring that plastic pellets do not enter the environment during its manufacturing processes. Packaging safeguards have been put in place to guard against pallet contamination and loading processes and cleaning protocols have been reviewed and updated. Special sieves have also been put in place around Covestro’s manufacturing facilities to prevent any rogue pallets entering the drainage systems.

Further information about this year’s Port Phillip Bay Nurdle Hunt can be found at http://www.opcleansweep.org.au/news/267-2019-port-phillip-bay-nurdle-hunt