Pasquick® roadshows lead the way

Pasquick® roadshows lead the way - Covestro Australia
Rhys Waldron from Era Polymers presenting on Spartan Coat 100 at the WoodCrete seminar

Covestro Australia ramped up their Pasquick® technology promotions this year with the successful participation in two industry roadshows. Both roadshows were organised by our Pasquick® partner Era Polymers Pty Ltd, and their distributors WoodCrete who supported the June roadshow and Complete Flooring Solutions, who supported the September event. Each roadshow shared the benefits of Pasquick® products with flooring applicators, many of whom are looking for an easier and faster drying alternative to traditional concrete floor coatings.

Peter Caley from Covestro Pty Ltd presented at each roadshow on Pasquick® technologies. Peter’s presentations were then followed by a presentation from Era Polymers on their Pasquick® based Spartan Coat 100 and other concrete coatings. Throughout both roadshows, applicators had the opportunity to use Era Polymers’ finished products and find out more about products formulated with Pasquick® technology.

Pasquick® is the umbrella brand for Covestro Polyaspartic technology. Pasquick® technology produces concrete floor coatings that are colour stable and offer rapid return to service once applied. For asset owners and flooring applicators, this rapid return to service means that an entire project can be finished in a fraction of the time with minimal disruption. Entire floor areas (such as factory floors) can be taken out of service in the evening and returned to service the next day.

Pasquick® technology has been available in Australia since 2012. In the future Pasquick® is set to become the coating of choice for applicators where a fast return to service for their customers is needed.

The team at Covestro Australia extend a warm congratulation to everyone who was involved in these two outstanding roadshows.