Rebecca Lee profiled in University of Melbourne Alumni Showcase

Covestro Australia’s Managing Director Rebecca Lee has been recently profiled in a University of Melbourne Alumni showcase aimed at outlining the career opportunities for women in science. Rebecca, who is a science graduate of the University of Melbourne, spoke openly about the skills-based applications of chemistry both inside and outside of the chemistry lab.

Speaking alongside a fellow School of Chemistry graduate Jane Wayland, Rebecca emphasised the importance of applying lab-based knowledge into industry.

“One of the key things that my science degree has helped me with is skills based. The things that you did in a chemistry prac really put you in good stead for things like analysing marketing data, understanding trends, looking at what’s happening in the industry and finding those next opportunities” she said.

Rebecca Lee University of Melbourne Covestro
Covestro Australia’s Managing Director Rebecca Lee

Identified by the University of Melbourne as a prominent business leader, Rebecca’s insights into having a career in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) will no doubt be inspiring to the next generation of science graduates who are wondering how they can make a difference to science-based industries.

For Rebecca, the key to success comes down to staying curious and courageous. University will set you up with some great skills, but they can’t teach you everything. There are some skills that can be learned along the way, but having an innate curiosity and courage to take a step are really important factors in success”.

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