Congratulations to the Covestro Sonnenwagen Team

World Solar Car Challenge 2019

Covestro World Solar Car Challenge 2019
Mark Williams (MD of Covestro Australia), Rod Fitchett and the Covestro Sonnenwagen team

Mark Williams (MD of Covestro Australia) and Rod Fitchett travelled in October to greet the Covestro Sonnenwagen team as they finished the World Solar Car Challenge on Saturday 19th October.

They left Darwin confident that they would be on the podium at the end of the race, especially after clocking up the fastest time in trials of 144km/hour, they ended up finishing 6th overall. The team had changed the design of the Covestro Sonnenwagen Solar Car from a catamaran design used in 2017, to a mono hull design, believing that this year’s design was more efficient, with improved technologies to give them the “edge” over the other teams.

Overall the weather conditions for this year’s event were much improved to that of 2017 but despite that, they faced on day 3 and 4, sandstorms and high winds, that created a near disastrous incident for the team. After passing a road train, the turbulence from the truck and wind caused the Covestro Sonnenwagen Solar car to roll off the road two and a half times, but the design and safety features that were engineered during the construction meant that the driver was not hurt. This evident by the team winning the Safety award at the end ceremony.

All in all, and excellent result to the team for finishing 6th after all the problems that they endured, with the promise to improve in 2021 at the next World Solar Car Challenge.

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