Covestro Product Safety

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At Covestro we take product safety, health and the protection of the environment seriously.

We demonstrate our leadership in this area by working towards improving health, safety and the environment throughout the product life-cycle, from manufacturer to downstream user, in support of the ICCA Global Product Strategy.

To learn more about product safety visit our Product Safety First web portal which offers guidance on the safe handling of our products, product compliance information, product safety summaries as well as our Safety Data Sheets.

In Australia and New Zealand we partner with Ixom Emergency Response Service (ERS) to provide service to customers, transport providers, employees and other members of the public to obtain information on how to handle an incident involving our products.

Ixom Emergency Response numbers are:

Australia 1800 033 111
New Zealand 0800 734 607

If the situation is serious, Ixom ERS can contact emergency services on behalf of Covestro.

For other product related information visit our Product Center which provides detailed information on our complete range.